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Anonymous Asked:
James Deen is sex god. I want him to fuck me so bad. Unf

My answer:


OMG He is soooooo fucking hot! Definitely my favorite male pornstar, like bar none. Goodness gracious, just imagining all the things I’d want him to do to me…

But most of all, this:




The way he makes her say please, then waits till he deems her supplication to be sufficient, and finally tops it all off with an ever-so sardonic ‘good girl’ is just so fucking…unf!!

Okayyy, I’ll stop fangirling now!



You can’t hypnotize me, only weak-willed people can be hypnotized.

That’s not true at all. Anyone can be hypnotized, you just have to relax and let it happen.

Well, then I’m too tense to be hypnotized. I’m always alert, so you can’t trick me into anything.

It sounds like you just don’t want to be hypnotized. Those are excuses.

No, they aren’t. I just can’t be hypnotized.

So you don’t mind if I prove you wrong.

Whatever, it’s not going to work. I told you, I’m too alert.

That’s good.


Alert is good. You’re alert because you’re cautious, right?

Yeah, I am.

You’re cautious, so you watch what people say and analyze it for traps and stuff, right?

Yeah, that’s right.

You analyze it for traps and stuff enough that you’re probably really good at it, so when you listen closely to everything I say, you see everything I’m doing and react to it.

Yes, exactly.

You get so good at it that you listen closely to what I say and know what it means even without needing to think about it, don’t you?


You just know without thinking.


Because you’re so focused.


It’s easy for you to focus completely on what I say, isn’t it?


You’re completely focused on me now, aren’t you?


Good. I want you to pay close close attention, now. I want you to pay very close attention to what I say and let go of everything else, because I’m about to try some tricks and I want you to spot them. Are you ready?


Good. Just go ahead and ignore the way you’ve slumped down in your chair, your body doesn’t matter. Just go ahead and ignore the way you’re breathing, slow and deep and relaxed, your breathing doesn’t matter. Just go ahead and ignore how slowly you’re blinking now, your blinking doesn’t matter. Just go ahead and ignore how relaxed your jaw has become, how your pretty lips are open now, your lips don’t matter. Just go ahead and ignore everything but my voice, focusing only on my voice, because only my voice matters now, doesn’t it?


Good. It’s easy to listen to my voice, because my voice is so relaxing, isn’t it?


Good. Just relax and listen to my voice. Let go of everything else. Just listen and follow my voice as I talk. You can do that for me, can’t you?


Good. You’re doing such a good job, following my directions as you listen to my voice, aren’t you?


Good. Now I want you to let everything else go, now. Just listen to my voice, focus on my words, follow my instructions, and let everything else just drop deep and far away from you. Just let your mind go blank, so you can focus on my voice, on following my words. Let it go completely blank, now.

Tell me how you feel right now.


Good. Blank and waiting, isn’t that right?


Waiting for my voice. Waiting for me to tell you what to do.


Willing to do anything I tell you now, aren’t you?


Willing to be completely hypnotized.

… Yes.

You are completely hypnotized, and you what do hypnotized people do?

Yes. Obey.

That’s right. They obey. You obey. Repeat after me, now, and know that everything you say is completely true. 

You are completely hypnotized.

I am completely hypnotized.

You are blank and obedient.

I am blank and obedient.

You will obey every order I give you.

I will obey every order you give me.

You will always go deep into obedient trance for me.

I will always go deep into obedient trance for you.

You want to be controlled by me.

I want to be controlled by you.

You want to serve me.

I want to serve you.

Your body belongs to me.

My body belongs to you.

Your mind belongs to me.

My mind belongs to you.

You belong to me.

I belong to you.

Good. Now take off those clothes, I want to play with my new toy.

uhhhhh damn



Not femdom related but somewhat in the BDSM genre…”spank that drum!”

In stereo, no less! :-D



Not femdom related but somewhat in the BDSM genre…”spank that drum!”

In stereo, no less! :-D



I find it so interesting that you you told me “It takes me a long time to cum” when we first talked. As I always do, I just listened. You told me by yourself you can cum sometimes in 3-4 minutes, but with a guy it takes much longer if you cum at all. You told me all these things about yourself that you were so sure of.

Then when we started and I pulled out a vibrator, you responded right away, “That won’t help, I’ve tried it before.” A conviction without even a trial.

I smiled.

"You don’t have to worry about deciding what will or won’t work. You don’t have to worry about performing, or succeeding or failing. All you have to worry about is following what I tell you. Take off your shorts and your panties."

You look a little surprised that I switched gears so quickly. “Look, I don’t just get turned on like this…”

"WAS I UNCLEAR?" My voice had changed tones…again you looked surprised and began to answer, "No, I just…"

"Good. I can leave now. We don’t have to do this. I won’t ask again. I will assume the next action you do or don’t take is your answer. Take off your shorts and your panties."

This time you were quiet and did as you were told.

"Now, kneel on the floor," I said pointing to a place on the carpet next to me. You knelt.

I had you fold your hands behind your head. I had you hold good posture for me. I had you spread your legs. All little directions. All specific. I got no more questions from you.

"I know you like to be in control. I know you like to find little ways to fight and struggle. I know you like to test. Those won’t work with me."

I switched on the vibrator on high. “Don’t move.” I held the tip of the vibrator against your clit. I didn’t move it.

"I also know that a good girl wouldn’t let a near stranger do this to her. A good girl wouldn’t tell me the story of her sex life, nor would she let me order her around."

My voice seemed like it wasn’t attached to me.

"You feel that vibrator on your clit?"

You nodded.

"Its buzzing away and you can’t stop it. You can’t speed it up or slow it down. If you want to continue, which I know you do, you just have to hold still."

You were wet now. Your eyes blinked and you breathed evenly only with effort. “Is this beginning to turn you on?” You nodded. “You know what type of girl lets an older man she barely knows do this to her? Do you know what this makes you?”

You paused. It was almost like words weren’t allowed but I hadn’t said you couldn’t speak. You shook your head looking confused.

"Keep holding still. That makes you a little slut." On the word slut I rubbed the vibe in little circles on your clit then stopped. The mix of pleasure, and objection on your face was priceless. "Don’t move." "Don’t speak my little slut." I rubbed it in circles again on your clit on the word.

 ”Now, tell me…say what you are for me.” You paused and I pulled the vibrator away. Using the flat of my hand I gave you a hard swat on your pussy that made you loose your balance a little and began holding the vibe on your clit again right away while it still tingled.

"Tell me what you are." Again the pause and this time I spanked you 3 times. "Who’d let themselves be treated like this? Would a slut do this?"

"Yes!" sprung from your lips while I was still rubbing your clit with the vibe. I stopped. "Then tell me what you are."

"I’m a slut!" And I rubbed your clit even further.

Again I asked, and again you answered “A slut.” I rubbed your clit, and your squirming made me pull the vibe away. I spanked you again. “Hold still…What are you?”

"A SLUT!" I rubbed fast and firm on your clit.

We both could feel your orgasm coming. I pulled the vibrator away, tangled my fingers in your hair and pulled you over backwards across my lap. My free hand I used to hold and slowly…painfully slowly rub your clit.

"It takes you a long time to cum because you like to be in control." I twisted my finger just inside your pussy. "You don’t want to be a slut and want to be difficult. You don’t want to be easy and out of control." You moaned again as I rocked my finger against your clit. Isn’t that right my little slut…

"I’m going to cum." …I pulled my hand away.

"Who said you got to do anything slut?" I said as my hand came down 5 times firm on your pussy, making you gasp with each strike.

"You’re not in control any-more…"



Radiant (A Word for the Kinky) - Justin Case


I know I generally only post my own work on here, but I need put this on blast. This guy nails it.

Youtube link.

His Fetlife profile.

Yes!!! I had this small smile and I almost teared up.



"I don’t care about how strong and independent you are. You are mine. This dripping little pussy right here? That is mine. You can be as strong and independent as you want out in the world. But when you’re with me, you’re my girl. My property. My beloved pet to cherish. You wouldn’t want it any other way. Admit it, girl."

One of the reasons I follow submissive women’s tumblrs is to find out what’s on their mind. For example, the above text. I might have thought it was machismo, but these words were written by a submissive woman and reblogged through at least five other submissive women before I saw it.

It’s hard to describe how that feels for me. It’s a sense of discovery, voyeurism, arousal, a dark and delighted sense of “oh really!?!”, and… I can’t quite describe it.

Vindication? Maybe. Maybe there’s a piece of that… though I don’t know who I want to say “told ya so” to, other than to the parts of myself who picked up that bullshit along the way!





can we talk about evil hypnotists for a second because

Want. Sounds awesome :)

Evil hypnotists, huh? I might know one of those…

Huh? I have no idea what you’re talking about!


I really like this set. She comes home, drops her bag on the floor, takes her pants off and flops down on the bed. Starting slowly she teases. From the look on her face it’s hard to hold back for awhile. Then it gets harder as she uses both hands. Then the vibrator. But only when she’s right on the edge. Then she pushes herself over that edge. But as she follows her instructions like a good girl she doesn’t lift off. She holds it on for the longest five minutes of her life.. Did she cum three times? Four? Five? It’s hard for her to say. All she knows as she lays there… is that she’s thinking about the next time already. Six minutes. How will she makes that?

More importantly, why is she starting to feel horny again so soon?

The “one more minute each time you cum this week” seemed easy at first but now she realizes the evil behind it. Each time leaves her thinking about the next.

And now, the lingering hornyness begs the question: should she try for six now? Once she starts she’s not allowed to turn back…


Scream all you want, I’m not turning the vibrator off. And nor am I going to allow you to cum.

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